Joey at the lake

Working with kids is such a pleasure, they bring a burst of energy and they remind us what it's like to be curious again. The warmer weather gave Joey the perfect opportunity to explore the lake.


Sunday Brunch


I finally managed to make time for myself and catch up with old friends and some new. We made our way to the Bishops Arts District southeast of Dallas—the gem of Oak Cliff.

The sun was quick to rise, perching itself delicately on sturdy tree branches. A crisp clean breeze invited the opportunity to enjoy a cup of freshly pressed coffee. The surrounding shop windows were filled with curious and one of a kind baubles—the kind you knew you couldn’t live without, but couldn’t fathom why.  

Heartbreaking “lost dog” signs concealed every available section of the utility poles—this, as stray dogs aimlessly wandered the streets.

The surrounding shops and café patios provided unparalleled people-watching opportunities, blurring into a dissertation in anthropological field work, and the natives: hipster students, local socialites and their children were fascinating. They showed up in everything from Goyard to toe-shoes and cargo shorts—truly a sight to behold.

Luis typically prefers traditional brunch options, however I encouraged him to disrupt his expectations and choose something more adventurous. Contrary to his usual repertoire of bacon and eggs, he opted for the fried chicken and honey waffles with a side of rosemary roasted potatoes—needless to say it has since become a preferred staple of his.    

After a hearty meal and many robust laughs later we leisurely made our way back to the car. Here’s looking forward to next week.




This charming little girl just turned one! She was very excited to get her pictures taken and even more excited about the surprises in her basket. Easter is just around the corner after all.


Check out the other photos from her session below.